NEWA is a partnership of New York State Integrated Pest Management, Northeast Regional Climate Center, and Cornell University

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General Questions

Joining NEWA

  • As a station owner in NEWA member states
  • As an individual grower in non-member states
  • Becoming a NEWA member state
  • Consult NEWA’s Become a Partner page

Hardware onboarding and support

Using NEWA tools

  • Getting started and additional information
  • Crop-specific resources and tools
  • Weather-based tools
  • Reporting an error or bug

Weather data access

  • Historical data retrieval
  • Degree day information
  • Reporting an error or bug

Using the website

  • How to use Profile Settings to create a your NEWA Dashboard
  • General navigation
  • Reporting an error or bug

Ideas and suggestions

  • Suggest a tool or resource
  • Submit new ideas for future development

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